Gunshi Gupta

Gunshi Gupta

Deep Learning Researcher


Hey! I’m a deep learning researcher at Wayve, a startup based in London that is employing end-to-end deep learning with Reinforcement Learning to achieve autonomous driving. I recently graduated from a Machine Learning Research Master’s at Mila (Sept 2020) where I primarily did research on bayesian deep learning, continual learning and inverse reinforcement learning.

I was introduced to robotics during a year-long research internship at IIIT, (Hyderabad, India 2017-2018), where I worked on Multi-Robot SLAM and view-invariant recognition for place recognition and relocalisation.

Download my resumé.


  • Bayesian Deep Learning
  • Continual and Online Learning
  • Learning from Demonstrations
  • Robotics


  • Research Master's in Machine Learning, 2020

    Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms

  • B.Tech in Maths and Computing (Applied Mathematics), 2016

    Delhi Technological University (DTU/DCE)